About Mountain Springs

Mountain Springs gives you an opportunity to own a second home in Lonavala. We are offering luxury villas in Lonavala for sale, these villas have a modern home design and they can also serve as a holiday Home in Lonavala.

Surrender your heart to Mountain Springs, an innovative art home that gives luxury a new life. Crafted from natural stones and exotic woods, Mountain Springs captures the essence of an antique Greek world and blends it with all the comforts modern living has to offer. It’s the place magic rendezvous with nature for an unforgettable experience.
It’s where you belong.

The Garden

The first rush of your world comes as you walk through the sturdy yet stylish gates layered with Burma Teak. As you take your first steps towards the house, Australian grass captures the outdoors in a blanket of green, welcoming you into the lap of comfort. Enjoy the experience as flowers line both sides of the walk, leading you to spend some precious time at the outdoor seating.

The Lounges

Spend hours with your thoughts or in the company of people in these plush yet comfortable spaces. The lower lounge connects the main door to the spa room and doubles up as a warm transit zone for those entering and leaving the home. Let your mind wander as you settle into the upper lounge spruced with hues of burnt orange and hot pink. Designed for long hours of relaxation, this room gives you a direct view of the infinity pool and the waterfall. A painting "The Butterfly Man" by renowned artist Prakash Ghadge adorns the wall and takes centre stage while reigning harmoniously with the elegant rectangular chandelier.

The Spa Room

Let your weary mind and body unwind here. A personal Jacuzzi and massage table accompanied by a hot stone massage kit prepares you for a relaxing session. The spa opens into a bedroom that comes alive in white, creating the perfect canvass for your free mind. We know you'll enjoy your privacy as much as the white leaf engraved floor mirror and the coordinated classic four-post bed.

The Pool Side

Step on to the wooden deck, only to be greeted by a 60 - foot high sliding waterfall. Let the sounds of water and the gentle spray put you at ease as you step into your private infinity pool. Not in the mood for a swim? Then just lounge in a chair and let the tinkling of wind chimes calm your soul.

The Kitchen and Dining Area

Food for your soul, this modular kitchen is designed to make cooking as enjoyable as meal times. Dine in crockery and cutlery born from 100% Kansa, an alloy of copper and tin that in Ayurveda is believed to retain the nutritional value of food.

Open air Jacuzzi

Sip on a glass of wine as you slip into a relaxed afternoon. A wooden roof looms over the open air Jacuzzi, allowing natural light to enter. Soak in the ambience as you soak in a comfortable bath.

Sky Bedroom

Lie under the stars in style. A King size bed donned with cushions unfurls on the terrace letting you enjoy the beauty of the night. Did you ever imagine sleep time could be this luxurious?

Master Bedroom

Escape to a hidden world in the master bedroom. A door separates this space from the rest of the house and along with the private elevator, creates the illusion of an enclosure. Lean out on the balcony and enjoy a top view of the waterfall and the pool or take the flight of stairs that leads up to the open air Jacuzzi and the sky bedroom, for a different adventure.

The Guest Bedroom

Invite your friends and family to taste the life you chose. A turquoise and brown theme speckled with orange brings a wave of color to the sobriety. This room comes with an attached bath and a balcony, letting your guest enjoy an unforgettable stay.


Traditional skills of hand carving come alive in the furniture, with Box, a unique range of furniture from Good Earth, the premium lifestyle store. Made from Hardwood Mahogany, this collection is sturdy and resistant to termites, while looking strikingly stylish.

Walls and Flooring

Run your fingers on the walls as you sail from room to room. Enjoy the touch and beauty of a natural finish, with stones procured from every corner of the country - Old Gold Stone from Rajasthan, Giblic Granite, Handcrafted Gangapur groove stone, Himachal brown Stone and Mint Stone.
Tread barefoot on floors crafted from Rich Black Stone from the Shayadri Mountains, Brown Italian Wood, Vita Gold Stone, Yellow Stone from Jaisalmer, Blue Nepali Stone from Kathmandu and White Baadami Stone, among others


Stay in shape at your personal gym equipped with all the facilities you need to keep your body and mind in good health.


Enjoy a run up the steps or if that's too much for you then just take the elevator. A private lift starts at the ground floor and opens straight into the master bedroom.

Sanitary Ware

The bathrooms are fitted with premium fittings from Kohler. So you can be assured of nothing less than the finest experience.

Other Fringes

Your comfort and safety has been taken into consideration while designing this house. The house is fitted with CCTV cameras, intercom phones, generators, invertors, a water filtration plant, air conditioners, home theatre systems, satellite cable and the works. Pest control has also been carried out.

Vibes and Positive Energy

Get enveloped in prosperity and happiness as principles of Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui display themselves throughout the house. Metal wind chimes, laughing Buddha's, strategically placed crystals, artistically placed mirrors and energy enhancement pyramids draw in positive energy and attract peace and stability into this home.

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