Butterfly Man Painting

"What is Life without peace and freedom? We are compelled, bound by thought, by desire, by emotion. Now we need to discover a new way, a way of freedom, a way of creativity, which brings wisdom, Happiness and peace in living. Then we will experience a unique energy and the state of freedom, of liberation. Which is the highest state of living"

Silence is the gate to go beyond.

The work is generated by meditation on mind and matter, arising and passing away, constantly moving and changing phenomenon, impermanence which is the universal reality and truth. The technical skill is considerable and attention to detail meticulous. He resists the risky conceptual ambiguities. The work is structured around the interactivity of body parts and in their tight and sonorous arrangements, project disunities and interpersonal separations as symptomatic of today’s unstable times. In the attempt to understand the break - up of unities, the loss and the separation between individuals and between the contradictory directions of the self is also conveyed. What we see in this large painting is a retracing of this memory not to exercise it but to research it for artistic processes and self scrutinies. The figures are isolated despite the subtlety of their combinations. The important fact is that they do not consign the figure to immobility but it is a long line of flight that I had created because we are tracing the real and composing a plane of consistency, not simply imaging or dreaming- a realist balance that has long ceased to be a picture-fable. The body here refuses to disavow their own separation in a narrative splurge. I practices neither the dissimulation nor the emphatic disclosure of its various mechanisms. It creates its own untimely rhythm in order not to eschew the real to pitch their sanity in a new political sign keeping the viewer on the edge. In this work, the element which was once provided by iconography now springs largely out of my expressive handling dissipating it neither to the terms - a reflection of the human body with infinite more rigour and tranquility rather than the excitement of an animated body. My work is a reflection of my beliefs and about nature-because, they form the very base of my 'being. What is depicted on canvas, is my perception of the environment. Although my paintings are restricted to the monotones of Black& White, the detailing and intricacies in my art have helped me carve a niche for myself.

"The Butterfly Man" painting done by Prakash Ghadge

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